Kids Bitten Lip Treatment For Kids In Fort Mill

Kids Bitten Lip Treatment Fort Mill

Bitten Lip treatment for kids

When it comes to maintaining healthy teeth, children are at moderate risk of experiencing dental trauma. Sports, falls, and fights are the most common causes of this. The trauma of this nature may range from a chipped tooth to a tooth being kicked out. Depending on the child’s age, their baby teeth can be affected. Trauma to baby teeth is serious as they are comparatively more susceptible to the same.

Dental pain does not only apply to tooth damage; it can also be a bite on the tongue or lip so hard that it bleeds. In this case, rinse the wound with water and then apply a cold wet towel to the area to reduce bleeding and swelling. If the bleeding continues or you are in serious pain, you should contact a pediatric dentist like Dr. Sonam Shah of GoKids Pediatric Dentistry.

Kids Bitten Lip

Bitten Lip Treatment

Some dental procedures will necessitate anesthesia for your kids. When the anesthetic wears off, your child can feel tingling on the lips, tongue, and/or cheek regions. It’s important to keep an eye on your kid for the next 2-3 hours following treatment to make sure he or she doesn’t bite or itch at the numbered areas. You should still refrain from feeding your child solid food until the numbness has subsided. Soft foods, such as Jell-o, ice yogurt, milkshakes, and/or smoothies, are a better option. Instead of using a straw, we recommend spooning these.

Swelling can occur during the next 4-5 days if your child bites his or her jaw, tongue, or lip. This is more prevalent in children under the age of 8. A soft scab that resembles a yellowish white plaque or a large traumatic ulcer can form. This is a common occurrence during the healing process. The lesion can recover within 10-14 days.

We understand how your child may panic and become anxious with the dental trauma of a bitten lip. Each parent must make their child calm and we will take care of your child and help him/her become more comfortable and give the best suitable remedy for the problem at hand.

In case your child experiences bitten lip or other dental trauma, book an online appointment with GoKids Pediatric Dentistry in Fort Mill and Charlotte today.


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