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Kids Dental Crowns Fort Mill

Dental Crowns Fort Mill

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped “caps” that can be fitted over the natural tooth. The crown restores the shape, size, strength, and appearance of the tooth. The dental crown is cemented over the tooth and protects the transparent part of it.

Pediatric dental crowns are used for a variety of purposes. The most common causes for pediatric dental crowns include extensive decay or a fractured tooth. A dental crown, rather than covering a cavity, serves to cover the whole tooth. The first and second molars of your child appear between the ages of 2-3. Dental crowns on a child’s molars enable the teeth to last their whole life.

Permanent crowns can be made out of many different materials. These materials can include metal, porcelain-fused to metal, resin, all-ceramic or all-porcelain, and pressed ceramic.

Stainless steel crowns are silver caps that fully encase the tooth while porcelain crowns match the color of your teeth. Crowns are available at GoKids Pediatric Dentistry in a variety of materials like stainless steel and composite crowns. Dental crowns from pediatric dentists in Fort Mill and Charlotte for children are normally done in a single appointment and last until the tooth falls out at the age of 12.

Because of the shape of the tooth, when a 2-surface filling is used to repair a first baby molar, the tooth may decay again or the dental filling may wear out. If this happens, the tooth may need a stainless steel crown or it may need to be removed and handled with space maintenance.

Dental Crowns For Kids

Advantages of Dental Crowns:

GoKids Pediatric Dentistry’s mission is to restore the tooth’s wellbeing so that it will last a lifetime. Dental crowns

  • Hold cracked or damaged teeth together
  • Replace large or worn-out fillings
  • Restore fractured or cracked teeth
  • Restore dental implants
  • Improve the appearance of your teeth (discoloration and mild alignment issues)
  • Reshape your teeth
  • Protect teeth after a root canal

Disadvantages of Dental Crowns:

  • Preparation of the crown portion of the tooth
  • Potential sensitivity and/or need for root canal treatment
  • Potential for crown remake at some time in future
  • Change in color of natural teeth which will then not “match” color of crown

Although dental crowns may have their advantages and disadvantages, the right circumstances make the dental crown the first option for treating tooth decay in children. Book an appointment with GoKids Pediatric Dentistry today.


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