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Kids Dental Fillings Fort Mill

Dental Fillings Fort Mill

Many parents are taken aback when they learn that their child has tooth decay or cavities and that care is recommended by the dentist. Parents always inquire, “Why are dental fillings in kids (or other treatment) required?” and “Won’t those baby teeth come out anyway?” The short response is that treatment is usually needed, and those baby teeth will come out eventually. However, we will clarify why the answer to both of these questions is “YES.”

Why Do Cavities Need Dental Fillings?

A cavity is the most prevalent dental disease, is the most prevalent dental disease. Cavities are 5 times as common as influenza, 7 times as common as hay fever, and 20 times as common as diabetes. Cavities on permanent teeth affect 21% of children aged 6 to 11. By puberty, 58 percent of children may have a cavity on one or more of their permanent teeth. Unfortunately, these figures are increasing rather than decreasing.

How Are Dental Fillings Done in Children?

Children’s teeth are prone to decay, which can lead to cavities. Cavities may usually be handled with a short and clear dental filling operation which is a common operation.

The affected tooth will be numbed by the pediatric dentist Fort Mill, and any damaged areas will be removed. Following dental drilling, the tooth would be coated with aesthetic tooth-colored composite fillings. Aesthetic tooth-colored composite fillings are common, since they are also long-lasting and can seal the tooth, making it look natural.

Kids Dental Fillings

Why Dental Fillings Are Important?

Cavities are caused by bacteria in the mouth that create acid when exposed to sugar. If this acid is left to remain on the teeth, it ultimately creates gaps in the enamel and dentin. When cavities are small and only damage the enamel, remineralization can be used to treat them. This necessitates fluoride injections as well as dietary modifications to prevent baby tooth fillings. However, since enamel, especially on the front teeth, is very small, the cavity must be detected early. Due to enamel on the front teeth being very small, it is important to detect the cavity early. Tooth fillings in children can:

  • Alleviate toothache discomfort
  • Prevent damage to emerging permanent teeth.
  • Prevent early tooth loss and crowding as adult teeth appear
  • Foster good growth and development by preventing bad eating habits and malnutrition
  • Avoid toothaches caused by poor sleeping habits and poor school results
  • Avoid potentially fatal infections and the dissemination of infection to the head, sinuses, ears, face, stomach, and heart

If you have any concerns about pediatric dental fillings in Charlotte and Fort Mill or would like to book an appointment for your child, please contact Dr. Sonam Shah at GoKids Pediatric Dentistry today!


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