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Shorter Recovery Time and Faster Procedures

Traditional dental procedures have left patients in recovery mode for long lengths of time. When it comes to your child, the faster they are healed up, the happier they are, and the happier you are! Pain medication, soft foods, and close monitoring shouldn’t have to be dragged out so long. With Solea, it won’t be nearly the same amount of time!

When it comes to oral procedures with Solea, another one of the biggest perks is the quickness of the actual procedure! We are talking about literal minutes to complete otherwise lengthy visits.

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Check out how fast some of these procedures can be using Solea!

  • Frenectomy: 30 – 60 seconds 
  • Cavity: 2 minutes
  • Crown lengthening: 10 minutes


We know dental procedures can be scary and a pain. With our Solea laser, they don’t have to be! Call our office now and schedule your child’s appointment so that they can have their procedure over and done with before they know it!


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