Toothache Treatment For Kids In Fort Mill

Toothache Treatment For Kids in Fort Mill

toothache treatment for kids

Every child has suffered from a level of tooth pain at some point in their childhood, ranging from mild aches and sensitivity to intense agony. In general, pain is a defensive response that alerts the body that something is wrong. However, as it affects the teeth, it may be impossible to determine the precise cause of the pain. It can even come and go in response to other causes, such as consuming hot foods. So, what exactly does toothache mean, and what do you do with it?

Toothache might be caused due to tooth decay, a bacterial infection that can spread through several areas of the tooth and even through the gum tissue, which is the most frequent source of dental discomfort. A toothache may also be caused by trauma or gum disease.

The only real way to find out what’s troubling your child is to visit a pediatric dentist near your home and discuss your problem. Constant, intense pain and discomfort, gum swelling, and aversion to touch, all point to a tooth infection, which can be caused by an abscess (inflamed, pus-filled sac) in the underlying gum and bone tissue. A root canal can be performed to remove diseased or dying pulp tissue, as well as periodontal operations to drain the abscess and avoid the infection.

toothache treatment Fort Mill

Lingering pain after swallowing hot or cold foods is normally the result of disease in the pulp tissue deep within the tooth known as tooth sensitivity. Deep decay or physical damage to the tooth might have caused bacteria to invade the pulp tissue and jeopardize its vitality. The pain can go away when nerves within the pulp tissue die, but the infection will not. It will spread and do serious harm!

Treatment can include fillings, bonding, root canal therapy, or other therapies, depending on the cause. If you are having severe tooth pain, book an appointment with GoKids Pediatric Dentistry in Fort Mill and Charlotte today.


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