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Laser Dentistry

Going to the dentist can be scary. When more in-depth procedures are involved they can be long and loud, causing discomfort and anxiety. Our Solea laser offers a simpler, less invasive, more precise and comfortable solution to your child’s oral health. No drills or needles will be prying around in their little mouths!Solea is fast, comfortable, and needle-free. Your child can go right back to school or eat right after their appointment as they will not be numb! Click the link to learn more.

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Frenectomies at our office are performed using our Solea Laser. Laser frenectomies offer the advantage of reduced bleeding and swelling. The procedure is usually quick and painless and most patients experience only minimal discomfort. The recovery time for a frenectomy is usually short and most patients can resume normal activities within a few days. The healing process may take several weeks, however, and the doctor may recommend specific post-operative instructions such as avoiding certain foods and using a special mouthwash. Click the link to learn more.


Solea uses laser technology to vaporize the target tissue like the tooth structure or gums, enabling the dentist to perform fillings quickly and safely. The intense laser beam targets and vaporizes the decayed portion of the tooth with precision that leaves the healthy portion safe and undisturbed. Click the link to learn more.


Traditional dental procedures have left patients in recovery mode for long lengths of time. When it comes to your child, the faster they are healed up, the happier they are, and the happier you are! Pain medication, soft foods, and close monitoring shouldn’t have to be dragged out so long. With Solea, it won’t be nearly the same amount of time! Click the link to learn more.

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